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Here ya go folks. New song from THE FORTE called “Nightlife”. Enjoy. I think I’ll post up the lyrics soon as well.

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This is what THE FORTE does for fun…

CARLisDEAD gives Zach a DL4, next thing you know

he goes out and buys a new amp and guitar so he can

wreak havoc with it. AAAAAND we get this gem.

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“Perry Porter” made another trip down to Cali to see his ol’ pal CARLisDEAD! He trekked so that Sleep Steady could rock at Ozcat Radio in Vallejo (good folks), but he really only came down to play DJ Hero. Not really…

Matt Lowe of Greyspace was there to murder sh*t…

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Sleep Steady



Check out Sleep Steady, my new favorite people.


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the forte. rocked to shiver. best new music you haven’t heard.

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THE FORTE - Rocked to Shiver

Not much to say about the song.

We released it last night via email to a select few that requested such,

and we got plenty good feedback. Hopefully said feedback will continue.

If you missed out on the email and wish to no longer do yourself wrong,

just hit CARLisDEAD up on Facebook and he can add you to the list.

And for those that want it, here be the download link

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The coffee gets sipped up… now it’s a tip cup.

sift through the visitors of pubs for a lift up.

Breathe a dangerous air through a pair of stiff lungs

in between the stares, glares, and hiccups.

Twist up in that soggy box. It’s abusive,

doesn’t play music, but it makes the body rock


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If you like CARLisDEAD, you’ll like SVR (especially because he’s serving as an editor this year). What you need to know about SVR:

  • It stands for Suisun Valley Review
  • It consists of legit photos/poems/short stories
  • It’s here to HELP YOU get PUBLISHED

So what is SVR? Suisun Valley…

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Sleep Steady Shirts… : )

$20.. Holla at us

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Click the picture or here to download!

Sleep Steady, as you know, has begun work on The ReQUEST Series. Throughout the ensuing months, the members of SS will periodically release “redos” of songs that their listeners call in and request. These songs are meant to entertain whilst the supercrew works tirelessly on the first Sleep Steady album. Enjoy.

Dream Heavily.

PS - you might already have the damn song since Perry’s ass leaked it. Faggle =]

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THE FORTE’s Zach Mattes would like to share something with all of you who are missing Evan.

After hearing the news that clutched our throats, we all had to find breaths of fresh air in our own ways. Some of us tore apart our rooms and gathered everything they could find that related back to Evan in some way, others may have retraced their footsteps while holding him in their hearts. Speaking to no one, as if he was listening, could’ve been the conversation that carried us away from this world and closer to our dear friend. Zach took it all in and stepped back for a better view on the sad event. Like many others who did the same…

… a better view didn’t exist for him. So what now?

Capture the raw emotion:

  • the grief
  • the sadness
  • the emptiness
  • the numbness
  • the confusion
  • the whys?
  • the shock
  • the pleads for Evan’s return
  • the pleads that it was all a dream
  • the cries for our sadness
  • the cries for our hurt
  • the cries for Evan’s sadness and hurt
  • the whys again
  • why didn’t he call?
  • why didn’t I call?
  • why didn’t we know ahead of time?
  • why Evan?
  • the memories
  • the coping
  • the acceptance
  • one last goodbye

All this flying through one mind, one brain, one soul, one heart simultaneously is dangerous. But Zach managed to tame this chaos, this beast running through our existence, and channel it through a media familiar enough for everyone to fully comprehend. It’s a song. At the same time, it functions as a slideshow of our moments with Evan that matter most; a slideshow of our home that we shared with him. It’s a song that is tangible- we can feel it inside of us, because it was born through us. A piece of us, all of us, can be found in this song. It’s a song that tells a story, our story, Evan’s story. It’s a song…

… a song we can all sing.

So when you listen to this song, know that you made it.
Know that you are the song, and sing it.
Put Evan in your heart,
close your eyes, open your soul,
and cry one last goodbye to him with every inch of your being.


Once again, nothing but love for the Schwantner Family. We can only imagine.

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February 23, 2010:

I heard from a dear friend that you left. The news was prefaced with something cliche; almost dismissive but so out of the blue that my heart prepared for the worst. I went numb for the first few days. Then one night I couldn’t help but drown. Since then, I’ve been gulping the sea.

We talked about all that didn’t matter, about all that was important to us. We’ve jumped through many fires together. We’ve seen the world upside down together, and tried looking down upon it together. I only know that you admired me, and I admired you. I saw in you unexplainable thoughts, thoughts that mirrored my own. And we would discuss this nonsense until it was time to wake up. You used to love my writing in its raw form, how its quizzicality was overshadowed by the message:

Another form of also but with a W in the middle.
That’s how many there were.
I’ll give you a hint- they were vowels.
One tasted like chalk, the other like chocolate.
One had a bright mind, the other’s ultraviolet.
It’s strange to note the juxtaposed packinging:
right-handed, left-handed,
black hair, blonde hair,
brown skin, white skin,
glasses, no glasses
carrying the same exact gift.
I spent countless duck mouths on you
in an attempt to rid my debt to you.
But you gave me everything
that I’ve in my possession.
So unless you wanted it back,
I might as well have just thanked you more often.
But seeing as I can’t hear your response,
I’ll just give it to those that miss you.
No doubt in this ultraviolet mind
they’ll lend you a few words.

Wrekcreational Artwork will still be done. Kirby is a permanent resident of CARLisDEAD. These Sambas NEVER leave my feet. I love you. I miss you. I’m going crazy. I’m sorry, for everything. I’m glad, for everything. I’m thankful, for everything. Please keep an eye on us. A lot of us need all the help we can get, and we all know you’ve always been the hand ready to help. I love you. We love you. And once we all get through this, please do us a favor and be at peace.

Nothing but love and support for the Schwantner Family.


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Oh yeah…

Check out a nice little fan review of the Original Beauty release party earlier this month. VerrNaice!

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What’s this? This here Tumblr page? It’s for CARLisDEAD and Zach Mattes to keep you guys up to date with what’s going on in their lives! Real posts coming soon… we have some business to take care of first. HUGS!


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